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ClubIQ Means Measuring Member Experience… and Satisfaction

By Dave White, Editor ‘What gets measured…gives you knowledge…gets done…gets improved.’ Words like an old chestnut that are an oft-repeated idea or considered conventional wisdom. But, with BoardRoom magazine’s ClubIQ, there’s more than a grain of truth to this old chestnut. ClubIQ, another innovation from BoardRoom’s Distinguished Clubs, holds oodles of promise in helping private…

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What Makes a Great Private Club?

By John G. Fornaro, publisher The history of private clubs around the world is well documented…even back to the 1600s in the United Kingdom, with a club named White’s, documented as the oldest gentlemen’s club in London. The earliest U.S. clubs date back to the 18th Century, some of which have evolved into the “great…

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How Do You Prepare for the Future?

By Dave White, editor The stream of technology continues…and it’s time for some of the industry’s suppliers to tell their story, to give us their opinions of the what, where and why of today’s club technologies, including case studies. These are viewpoints that can cast some light on your discussions with your technology suppliers. So…

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Phil Newman Recognized With BoardRoom Award of Dedication 2016

By Henry DeLozier What is it that makes some people committed to serving others’ needs? For Philip Newman, the winner of BoardRoom’s Award of Dedication, it is as simple as lending a hand to people who deserve his support. “I think when you meet a group of people that by and large have charged themselves…

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Matt Kellogg BoardRoom magazine’s Distinguished Club President for 2016

By Dave White, editor Cover and cover story photos courtesy of Patrick Sola Private Club Presidents of the Year major supporters Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace | The Association of Private Club Directors Sometimes in our lives we’re in need of an ‘angel’… a guardian angel, a financial angel, or for that matter, any kind of…

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