Jill Philmon

Heather Nagle & Paul Basquin, Ballantyne Country Club, Recognized As Boardroom’s 2015 Distinguished Club Presidents

By Dave White Sometimes the ordinary makes the news (dog bites man)…sometimes it’s the extraordinary (man bites dog) …the anomaly. And that’s the story with BoardRoom magazine’s Private Club Presidents of the Year for 2015. For the first time since BoardRoom magazine established this program of recognizing the private club industry’s top private club presidents…

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What Do You Mean ‘Dog Days?’ It’s a Busy Time of Year

By Dave White Ah, the ‘dog days of summer.’ But to be clear, for private clubs, it really has nothing to do with dogs. The expression comes from the ancient Romans who referred to the hot, humid days of summer as ‘dog days.’ The Romans associated summer’s hottest days with the star Sirius…known as the…

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Jill Philmon – A ‘One in a Million You’

By Rick Coyne At about the same time Jill started dating her unfiltered and hilariously fun husband Tony in 1981, the ballad “One in a Million You”, was hitting the top 10 charts. There’s little doubt, all these years later, that Tony knew immediately that Jill was his one in a million girl and that…

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