Gregg Patterson

What Do You Mean ‘Dog Days?’ It’s a Busy Time of Year

By Dave White Ah, the ‘dog days of summer.’ But to be clear, for private clubs, it really has nothing to do with dogs. The expression comes from the ancient Romans who referred to the hot, humid days of summer as ‘dog days.’ The Romans associated summer’s hottest days with the star Sirius…known as the…

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BoardRoom magazine 2015 Excellence in Achievement Award Winners

Here’s a tip of the hat to the BoardRoom Magazine’s 2015 “Excellence in Achievement Award” recipients. As we know, supplier and consultants are the backbone of the private clubs industry, because without their products and services, private clubs would find it extremely difficult to meet the needs and wants of their club members…in fact, everything…

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The Education of a Board Member

By Gregg Patterson Governance In any culture, whether it’s in a private club or a South American nation, governance is “job one.” Want to create a new culture? Governance is key. Want to sustain a given culture? Governance is key. Want to change a given culture? Governance is key. But what is governance? It’s about…

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