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Par Bar – Benefits that Every Golfer and Athlete Seek

Golf is four hours of moderate exercise. To play your best you need the same energy level throughout the round. The right form of nutrition will help. PAR BAR is a nutrition bar created by life long golfer and food scientist Gerry Mullally. It is a matrix of protein, slow release carbohydrates and fiber that…

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What Are the Trends for Private Club Memberships? What Should Clubs Be Offering?

By John G. Fornaro What’s the right mix for memberships in a private club? And what kind of memberships should private clubs be offering today? Are they different from five, 10, 20 years ago? And if so, why?  Fact is, what’s being offered at private clubs today varies. Is there a one-fits all membership, or…

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The Private Club Industry and Affiliated Associations Where Are We Now? What Does the Future Hold? Who Benefits?

By Dave White, editor The private club industry, for better or worse, is in a world of change. And how the industry and associations who play a major role in the life of private clubs deal with evolutionary change will have a significant impact on the future of the industry. The challenges for private clubs…

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Proform by Creative Flooring Concepts

Established in 1998 Proform began manufacturing entry matting designed for Country Clubs and the hospitality industry. It has been said that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Creating an image of quality starts at the front door. Our design professionals will help you create a logo or image design mat…

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Does Your Design Team Listen to You? A Refreshing Approach to Renovating Your Clubhouse for Your Members

By HINT | Harris Interiors The thought that a clubhouse should have a certain look is no longer acceptable. Some designers can have unbearable egos and attitudes, but when it’s time for a renovation, members know what they are missing and exactly what they want. Designers must listen to the members. The design team at…

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