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THE BOOK – The Distinguished Club Experience

John Fornaro and Molly Cox – co-authors of the Distinguished Club Experience By Dave White, editor So, why a book on private clubs? Good question. John Fornaro, publisher of BoardRoom magazine and CEO of BoardRoom’s Distinguished Clubs, researched and found there had never been a mainstream book published, based on the private club industry. What?…

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Running a Member-Owned Private Club What Are the Challenges?

By John G. Fornaro The art of governing, or leadership, is as old as society itself. It’s the exercise of authority by an individual or group of individuals or organizations in what it does, and how and why decisions are made. Still private clubs are a quite separate segment of both the service and hospitality…

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A Springtime Potpourri

By Dave White Private club success – both for board members and the club’s paid management – mainly derives from how well these two groups mesh when considering the club’s planning, daily operations and the breadth and depth of the club’s member experience. It’s known as collaborative governance. Still there are many challenges facing boards…

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The Buffalo Club – General Manager Position

Job Description The Buffalo Club is a (Historic) 150-year-old city club located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, New York. The club holds the distinct honor of being one of only several clubs listed as a Platinum Club of America, a Top 25 City Club and a Distinguished Emerald Club of the World member. This…

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Protect Your Assets with Capital Planning – Dude Solutions

In a perfect world, every task is complete on time and everything in your club is in perfect working order. However, backlogged maintenance, forgotten work orders and poor planning can and sometimes do occur, which can take a toll on your valuable equipment and investments. As a result, when it’s time to create budgets, it…

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