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PGA's Long Term Strategy Is Key - CEO Pete Bevacqua Leads the Charge

PGA’s Long Term Strategy Is Key CEO Pete Bevacqua Leads the Charge

By Dave White The PGA’s vision and mission hasn’t really changed in recent years since Pete Bevacqua took over as the chief executive officer several years ago. But the 28,000 member Professional Golfers’ Association certainly has refined how it wants to do business. In past, critics have suggested the PGA’s direction has changed every couple…

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John Fornaro

2015 Distinguished Ideas Summit Enhances Member Experience Exchange

By John G. Fornaro “By the end of the 2015 BoardRoom Distinguished Ideas Summit I had more than 50 items and ideas I wanted to implement at the St. Francis Yacht Club.” And that, in a nutshell, describes Ron Banaszak’s experience at the second annual BoardRoom Distinguished Ideas Summit we hosted recently in Napa Valley…

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Pete Bevacqua, Distinguished Ideas And Other Relevant Thoughts!

By Dave White Pete Bevacqua now has several years under his belt as the Professional Golfers’ Association chief executive officer…and although some things have changed, one significant point hasn’t. “Overall our mandate is to serve the members and grow the game,” Bevacqua reminds. With that in mind, the PGA is certainly going down a path…

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Sarasota Yacht Club Celebrates As A Distinguished Emerald Club

Sarasota Yacht Club Celebrates As A Distinguished Emerald Club – Kujawski also Honored as A BoardRoom Top President

By Dave White Color Sarasota Yacht Club green…emerald green with envy, that is! Emerald Green, because Sarasota Yacht Club is being recognized as a BoardRoom magazine Distinguished Emerald Club. “Winning this distinction confirms that our efforts to enhance the membership experience have not been in vain,” enthused Commodore Bobby Overall. “ And the fact that…

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Gregg Patterson

The Education of a Board Member

By Gregg Patterson Governance In any culture, whether it’s in a private club or a South American nation, governance is “job one.” Want to create a new culture? Governance is key. Want to sustain a given culture? Governance is key. Want to change a given culture? Governance is key. But what is governance? It’s about…

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Educating Board Members Makes A Difference

By John G. Fornaro Often private club boards are viewed as a necessary evil – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. But the fact is boards can be healthy and functional. Board members however, must know what’s expected of them, as should committee members, and perhaps the best way is to let them…

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Another Potpourri

By Dave White Although there’s still some focus on “Going Green”, this issue also features a number of other interesting contributions about private club ‘sustainability.’ “What Makes a Successful Private Club Chief Executive? The 12 Secrets to Success…” comes to us from Mike Leemhuis, formerly head honcho at Congressional and now Ocean Reef Club’s CEO…

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Dave White

A ‘Potpourri’ This Issue

By Dave White As happens at this time of year, there’s a changing of the guard as Tony D’Errico takes the president’s reins of the Club Managers Association of America for 2015. D’Errico got his start in the business early, at age 26. Storytelling often presages what might be expected. However, it often isn’t enough…

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CMAA President Tony D'Errico

CMAA President Tony D’Errico Relishes the Challenges Ahead

By Dave White Tony D’Errico landed his first general manager’s job at the age of 26, albeit it at a small start-up, developer-owned golf club in southwest Florida. “I’ll never forget my first day on the job, meeting my very first club member – a snarky fellow right out of central casting, who looked like…

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Marco Abdi

‘Merry Christmas’ – Marco Abdi

By John G. Fornaro There are lessons we learn from people we know and love…ideas and thoughts that motivate us, that inspire us and that become totally relevant in our everyday lives. This is my story of one life lesson and my friend Marco Abdi. In my lifetime many people have influenced me. . .…

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